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Disconnected for the Weekend? No thanks. (Video)

Posted on October 29, 2015 | 0 comments

You're on your way to the cottage for the weekend to relax and be completely disconnected. All you want is some quality time with the kids, hang out around the fireplace during the day, then wind down with a little bit of peace and....Wait, COMPLETELY disconnected??? Let's face it, as nice as a weekend away from your responsibilities sounds, it's simply not practical. We all have obligations that cannot be put on hold - even for a weekend.

The Solution

In-vehicle cellular signal boosters can be installed in your vehicle allowing you to stay connected to-and-from your destination. And, if duty calls, you can always sneak away for a "grocery run" to get back in touch with the real world for a little while. 


For Who?

Generally, users looking for an in-vehicle solution will answer yes to at least one of the following situations:

  1. I want better connections and faster speeds while travelling on the edge of my current cellular coverage.

  2. I want a larger cellular coverage area with fewer areas where I drop calls or lose my internet connection.

Low Cell Signal

    But I'm NO Handyman

    You don't need any tools or any experience to install an in-vehicle signal booster. Anyone can do it - even us! The WeBoost Drive 4G-S installs in minutes and requires five basic steps:

    1. Place the magnetic antenna on the roof of the vehicle.
    2. Attach the Drive 4G-S cradle to the dash.
    3. Run the cable inside the vehicle and attach it to the Drive 4G-S.
    4. Place the phone in the cradle.
    5. Power up the Drive 4G-S by plugging the power source into the cigarette lighter socket.

    Our Turn

    We took a trip out to a popular camping location with poor cell service to test out the WeBoost Drive 4G-S single-user solution. In an area that was showing the dreaded "no service" indicator, we were able to boost the signal to the point where we could make phone calls, receive emails/text messages and surf the web. Check it out in the video below.


    So next time you think about going completely disconnected, just don't. Nobody wants that. At least now you know there is a solution.

    Check out the weBoost Drive 4G-S here, or explore other in-vehicle solutions to find the most suitable signal booster kit for yourself. But before you go, check out the in-vehicle solution's counterpart in this blog post.




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