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Introducing Industrial Signal Boosters

Posted on October 19, 2016 | 1 comment

Industrial Signal Boosters from SureCall and Wilson Pro are designed for large area applications with certified installers only. With the addition of these industrial style signal boosters, we now have solutions for areas spanning from 20,000 to 80,000 square feet. 

*You will notice that these boosters are "unavailable" on the product pages. This simply means you need to contact support@signalboostcentral.com to order.*


SureCall Industrial Signal Boosters

Both SureCall industrial style boosters are equipped with 3 watt output power and adjustable gain for each individual band. The Fusion5 is designed to cover 20,000 square feet and the Force5 80,000 square feet, neither sold as a kit. To install these boosters, each component (antennas, cables and boosters) must be purchased separately from SignalBoost Central.

SureCall Fusion5 Industrial Signal Booster                                         SureCall Force5 Industrial Signal Booster

Wilson Pro AG Pro 4G

The AG Pro 4G is designed for extreme rural situations and covers 20,000-45,000 square feet and requires additional equipment for installation as it is not sold in a kit. All extra components can be purchased on SignalBoost Central.

To help understand where each of these boosters are positioned and the applications they are best suited for, take a look at the information below.


Large Rural/Urban areas

SureCall Fusion5 Industrial Signal Booster


SureCall Fusion5 - 20,000 Square Feet

The Fusion5 comes as a stand alone booster meaning the antenna and cables must be purchased separately. This is a 3 watt booster featuring up-to 19dBM downlink power with substantially more powerful than the US version and covers all major Canadian networks. It has ceramic filters and attenuation dials for each band and it's designed to cover up to 20,000 sq. ft. The Fusion5 is best suited for both rural applications located far away from cell towers (Small oil camps, factories) and large Urban warehouses with strong signal outside where the building materials cause interference.


Extreme Industrial Applications

SureCall Force5 and Wilson AG Pro 4G for Extremely Large Industrial Applications

Wilson Pro Ag Pro 4G - 25,000 - 40,000 Square Feet

With 69-70 db gain, the Wilson Pro AG is a step up from the Pro 70 Select Plus giving you more bars in rural areas with weaker outside signal. This booster comes on its own meaning the accessories such as cable and antennas must be purchased seperately.


SureCall Force5 - 80,000 Square Feet 

The SureCall Force5 is our largest 3 watt signal booster with 80 dB gain on all frequencies for all Canadian networks. It boasts an impressive 24 dBM of both uplink and downlink power, each with the ability to be manually attenuated individually. With this high uplink and downlink power, it allows the booster to perform at a high level in areas with both really strong and weak existing outside signal.  The Force5 is ideal for rural or urban areas up to an incredible 80,000 square feet such as oil campsites, large office buildings, or industrial factories. This booster comes on its own meaning that the cables and antennas must be bought separately.


***As these boosters are designed for certified installers, you must contact our support team for pricing and ordering at support@signalboostcentral.com. ***




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