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Wilson Pro 70 (50 Ohm) Signal Booster Kit for Large Buildings & Offices - 465134F

By Wilson Pro

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This product is for professional installers, please contact support@signalboostcentral.com for more information.

The Wilson Pro 70 significantly improves 3G, 4G LTE cellular data for all carriers. Designed to be installed in a home, office space or large area, with up to 70 dB gain. Eliminate poor battery life, dropped calls and slow cellular data with a Wilson Pro 70.



• Strong, reliable connections even in weak signal areas
• Boosters sold in kits with antennas
• Expansion kits available for large scale installations
• Self-optimizing design minimizes installation time
• Compatible with all North American cellular networks
• FCC and Industry Canada certified
• Wilson Pro SKU: 465134



Signal booster, outside directional antenna, lightning surge protector, inside panel antenna, 2 ft LMR400 cable, 60ft LMR400 cable, 75ft LMR400 cable and AC power supply


Height (cm) 22.5
Width (cm) 15.2
Depth (cm) 3.8
Weight (Grams) 1270
Frequency 700/850/1700/2100/1900 MHz
Power Requirements AC/DC 12 V / 3 A
Gain 70 dB
Connectors N-Female