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SureCall Sentry Remote Management for Fusion5x, Fusion5s, and Force5

By SureCall

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Tags: Building

The SureCall Sentry Remote Management system allows you to adjust gain, and have full control over changes to uplink & downlink separately. The Sentry can be used in conjunction with the Fusion5s, Fusion 5X and Force5. Ideal for rural camps or warehouses that are not easily accessible, installers can adjust for changes in the signal environment from the comfort of their home or office.



• Optimizes installation by monitoring and identifying the strongest signal strength available
and adjusting gains
• Quickly pinpoints malfunctions due to unforeseen changes such as newly installed
cellular towers or repeater systems
• Immediately notifies installers or end-users via email about booster failures or over-powering
• Optimizes 3G and 4G speed
• Remotely adjust and control uplink, downlink or band



Sentry Product, Ribbon Cable, USB Cable, AC Adapter