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Wilson Pro 70 Plus (50 Ohm) Commercial Signal Booster Kit for Large Buildings & Office Spaces - 463127F

By Wilson Pro

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Designed to provide maximum coverage for luxury homes, large commercial retail or any other application needing better cell signal, the Wilson Pro 70 Plus signal booster significantly amplifies cellular signals for all carriers with up to 70 dB of gain, resulting in reliable 3G, 4G LTE cell coverage. 

Wilson Pro 70 - 50 Ohm Signal Booster Kit

The Pro 70 Plus features a self-optimizing microprocessor with a built-in graphical signal meter. The uplink and downlink power display makes it easy for the integrator to determine the direction of the cell tower and the strength of the available signal, which greatly reduces installation time. 

Compared to the Wilson Pro 70 signal booster kit (465134), the Wilson Pro 70 Plus signal booster kit comes with a higher downlink power allowing bigger coverage area in a building.


• Higher downlink power allowing bigger coverage area in a building
• Strong, reliable connections even in weak signal areas
• Boosters sold in kits with antennas
• Expansion kits available for large scale installations
• Self-optimizing design minimizes installation time
• Compatible with all North American cellular networks
• FCC and Industry Canada certified
• Wilson Pro SKU: 463127
• Coverage for 15,000 sq. ft. to 25,000 sq. ft.



WilsonPro 70 Plus Signal Booster, outside directional antenna, lightning surge protector, inside wall mount panel antenna, 2ft LMR400 cable, 60ft LMR400 cable, 75ft LMR400 cable and AC power supply