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Wilson AG Pro 4G 75 DB Booster (not a kit) - 273471

By Wilson Pro


This product is unavailable

This product is for Wilson certified installers, please contact support@signalboostcentral.com for more information on how to order this product.
The AG Pro 4G is only available in the Canadian market and is WilsonPro’s most powerful building signal booster. The AG Pro 4G provides you with impressive coverage area and exceptional rural area performance due to its high downlink power while still maintaining a reasonable price point. It will give you a stronger, more reliable cellular signal to keep you seamlessly connected at home or in the workplace. Capable of covering up to 75,000 square feet.

The WilsonPro AG Pro 4G solution for enterprise enables businesses to optimize mobile broadband work environments by increasing coverage areas and boosting signals up to 32x stronger.