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Here at SignalBoost Central, we know that poor cellular signal can be frustrating. That's why we offer Canada's largest selection WeBoost and SureCall signal booster kits and accessories to accommodate any situation.


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SignalBoost Central is proud to be an Authorized WeBoost and SureCall Internet Reseller. WeBoost and SureCall lead the industry with quality cell phone signal boosters.



SignalBoost Central prides itself in superior customer service Customer Service
Our experienced team is keen to help with any questions or concerns for a smooth purchase process and continues to offer superior support long after you have received your product.

Not only do we have the product and expertise to be sure that you can eliminate your signal problem, we back up what we sell. That is why we provide free shipping across Canada along with a no hassle 30-day money back guarantee, AND up to a three-year warranty directly through this site.



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We strive to have the best prices on the market and we would be happy to match any price differences you may find elsewhere!





WeBoost and SureCall continue to be recognized as leaders in the industry with highest quality cell phone signal boosters. We've been selling signal boosters for over ten years now. This allowed us to gain the highest understanding of signal boosting technology. We offer our vast experience and online tools to help you find the right solution. Whether it’s our selection of all-in-one kits or even a customized setup, we can help you solve your cell phone signal problems.


We look forward to helping you solve your cellular signal problems and hope to connect with you soon!

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