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What does the setup involve?

Install diagram of the weBoost in-building signal boosters 

An in-building signal booster setup is simple. It involves an exterior antenna, the booster itself, and an interior antenna. All connected by cables.

In a building, the installation goes like this:

1. Mount the exterior antenna on top of the:

  • Building
  • Or on the window of a home or office

2. Connect the booster to the exterior antenna with cable (as shown in the diagram below)

3. Connect the inside antenna to the booster using cable

4. Plug the booster into the power source


The exterior antenna picks up weak signal from the closest cell site, the booster amplifies that signal, and the interior antenna delivers the stronger signal to your phone or other cellphone network connected device. And don't forget, the goal is to get the external antenna in a spot that sees the strongest signal to get the best results inside.


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