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Will your signal boosters work on my phone & network?

We have boosters to service all the cellphone networks and services across Canada. 

My cellphone coverage area is not large enough, can you recommend any way I can make it larger?

Positioning the outside antenna in the spot that sees the strongest signal (usually higher up) will result in the best signal coverage area. Also, ensure that the external antenna and the inside antenna are not too close together, as this may cause the booster to limit the coverage area. Upgrading your external antenna to a Yagi style will help also. 

I am a WIND / Mobilicity customer. Do you have signal boosters for me? 

We do. All of the vehicle and in-building signal boosters on our site labelled as '4G' will boost signal for cell phones, smartphones, and other devices operating on either of those networks.

Can I install these building systems myself?

Yes you can, but an ideal installation requires the mounting of antennas on the highest point of a roof or building, and then the running of cables inside from there. Proper safety precautions are highly recommended. 

How can I get the largest cellphone signal  coverage area from my in-building signal booster kit?

By placing the external antenna in the spot that sees the strongest cell phone signal. 

How many phones can use the boosters handle at once?

There is no maximum, but higher numbers do reduce the amount of signal boost each phone gets. Larger installations won't see a difference under 25 connections, smaller won't see a difference short of 15 simultaneous connections. 

Will signal boosters improve my internet data speeds?

Definitely. For both 3G and 4G internet access, the stronger signal provided by our signal boosters makes a big difference in your connection speeds, both in the vehicles and in buildings.  

Whats the difference between 3G & 4G cellphone services?

3G refers to voice and internet services most smartphones receive in most areas. It's good enough for surfing, video, and social media. 4G services, also known as LTE, provide faster internet access that is more comparable to home cable speeds and is available in some areas, mostly urban. 

I have a internet modem that runs off the cellular network. Will the in building bundles help with that? 

They will.