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The In-Building Solution for "Signal-asthenia" (Video)

Posted on October 29, 2015 | 0 comments

Do you find yourself clinging to the nearest window every time you want to use your cell phone? Does it take you 10 minutes to buffer a 15-second video? Do you miss out on business opportunities because you can't make it through a conversation without dropping a call? Then you might be suffering from something we like to call Signal-asthenia. But don't worry, we have the cure.

SignalBoost Central Perry's no signal problem

Perry's Problem

We recently gave one lucky customer, Perry, a free signal booster in exchange for letting us film the installation process. Perry's problem was due to multiple towers competing for signal. His home is situated in a community that's very close to the US border. There are three cellular towers competing for service in the area - one American provider and two Canadian providers. Occasionally, Perry got charged with roaming fees without leaving his house. His phone was joining the US network without him realizing, tricking the network into thinking he was roaming. On top of that, Perry experienced dead zones all over his three-story house - and the basement had almost no signal.

Perry works from home and relies on his cell phone for the majority of his communication. To complicate matters, Perry's home office is located in the basement where there is little to no cellular signal. This made boosting cell reception in the basement our number one priority.

SignalBoost Central Perry's home signal diagram

While considering the information we chose to install the WeBoost Connect 4G. The WeBoost Connect 4G is best suited for:

  • Multiple rooms or small homes

  • Buildings with roof access for mounting the exterior antenna

  • Access to the 4G data network
    • Since Perry uses his cell phone for business, it was important to ensure he had access to the faster 4G data network. 

 SignalBoost Central WeBoost Connect 4G Signal Booster Kit Solution

Begin with a Plan

During the install, here are some things that we needed to be sure of:

  • The exterior antenna needed to be pointing directly at the closest tower to eliminate the chance of interference from the competing service providers.

  • The interior antenna needed to face in the direction that would best distribute signal to the basement and the middle floor. 

  • Perry had strict instructions from "the boss" - his wife - to make sure the installation was discrete. In other words, keep the cable and antennas hidden.

The Setup

A typical in-building signal booster installation will involve 3 main elements connected with cables:

  1. External Antenna – Communicates with the cell tower. The external antenna is mounted on the roof pointed in the direction of the proper cell tower.

  2. Signal Booster – Boosts the strength of the incoming and outgoing signal. Can be placed anywhere in the building, as long as it is near a power outlet.

  3. Inside Antenna – Communicates with the cell phone or data card. In Perry's case, the inside antenna needed to be on the middle floor in a discrete location.

Alright, enough out of us. Now check out the full installation below plus a testimonial from Perry himself.

So there you have it, another cured patient. We were able to give Perry good signal throughout his house and most importantly, in his basement home office. He is now able to work without interruption from the comfort of his own home. No more dropped calls or hanging out by the windows. Just strong, reliable cell signal - all the time.

Check out the WeBoost Connect 4G, or other in-building solutions to find the most suitable booster kit for your situation. But before you go, here is another blog post on in-vehicle installations.




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