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How to Tell if a Cell Phone Signal Booster is Right for you

Posted on February 15, 2016 | 0 comments

Get rid of your cell signal problems!

WeBoost in-building cell phone signal boosters amplify existing cellular signal, eliminating dead zones, reducing dropped calls, and improving data speeds on all mobile devices. Boosters work to give you a stronger, more reliable connection.

Will a signal booster work for me?

If you are experiencing weak cell signal, dropped calls, or slow data speeds in your home or building then you might want to consider an in-building booster. Users looking for an in-building solution should be able to answer yes to both of the following two questions:

  • Can you find cell signal outside the building?
  • Are there sections of your building/entire floors that suffer from weak signal or that don't meet your signal needs?

As long as you have at least 1 bar of service outside your building, we can help you choose a booster to achieve your desired coverage.

What causes poor cell signal?

Signal problems could be due to a number of external factors. To help understand why you are experiencing poor signal in your building, we've outlined four common problems below:

  • Distance - You are too far from the cellular tower.
  • Obstacles - Obstacles between you and the cell tower are weakening the signal.
  • Materials - The building is made of materials like concrete preventing signal from entering.
  • Interference - There are multiple cell towers in the area trying to communicate at the same time.

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